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Good at Being Lonely

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"The Fine Country Band is THE Country you need right now. The songs are great. The picking and playing is terrific, they cover all the bases and they dress well too!"

-John Wesley Harding

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A few words from Henry "Hank" Warde about the new album:

I'm Good At Being Lonely,  is Hank and Ella With The Fine Country Band's sophomore album. The album has a range of feelings, from lonesome honky tonk scenes to feel good classic country anthems. The band continues to highlight the California country sound, while adding its own influences and experience.


With 13 original country classics "I'm Good At Being Lonely" is new while reaching back to the roots of Country music.

We are excited to release our new Music for the world to hear!

Good At Being Lonely-  A Honky tonk scene unfolds right in front of you, with this classic and title track of the album. The song is about everything you know and loved being taken away from you and lost. After a while it all starts to feel normal. The routine of being lonely gets to be a routine. You don't think anything of it until you get that thought in your mind that brings you right back. The song has classic imagery and the instrumentation makes you feel like you are there watching it happen.


I'm Only Lucky When It Rains- When it rains it pours is the saying, and it usually is a bad thing. In this song the phrase gets turned upside down into a positive. The song is about the feeling you get when it's pouring outside and there is nothing to do except spend time with the one you love. Most people don't enjoy the rain, but this song is a reminder to try and find the good in any situation.


It's Only Money- Everyone works so hard each week and we all gotta take a break.You have to blow off some steam every once in a while to make it all worth it. Punching that clock 40 hours a week gets grueling, so spend some money like it's funny. It's time to take your lady out dancing and have one more than you should. This is a feel good song that will get you moving on the dance floor. 


River Of Love- This song came together while we were traveling in Utah. We were hiking through the slot canyons and rivers and it was so beautiful that I had to write about it. The fiddle in the song, gives the song a real old feeling. 

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Available Now! 

Good at Being Lonely


Their Self-Titled Debut Album released in 2018 is available now on all streaming platforms!