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album cover 2021

Imagine walking into a Honky Tonk and seeing a regular there slip a quarter in the jukebox. The whole place already knows the songs he's gonna play and the beer he'll order.  "I'm good at being lonely, I'm good at being blue, I'm good at finding someone but they're not like you. You tell me that you need me, then find somebody new. I'm good at being lonely, I'm lonely for you." These simple lyrics from the title track tell the main story of the album, and bring back all the old feelings of what people have come to love about country music today.  

In their 2018 debut album,
Hank & Ella with The Fine Country Band explore themes of love and loss, evoking dreamy melodies and scenes of dimly lit honky-tonks. Containing thirteen original vintage classics. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 4.58.39 PM.png

OUT OF STOCK..T-shirt artwork designed by jodi lyford - a crowd favorite, this shirt is worn by famous honky tonkers all over the country including wayne "the Train" hancock and members of the kody norris show!  

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