Hank Warde
Ella Warde
Meghan Leslie
Poncho Lefty
Marty Carpenter
Dave Magram

Now Introducing:The Fine Country Band

Henry "HANK" Warde

Hank has been singing his whole life, starting out young singing along with popular songs on the radio.

His music career took off when he began singing old Bluegrass classics and formed a Bluegrass act of his own. After listening to old records from George Jones, Buddy Holly, Skeets Macdonald and finding the "town hall party" there was no turing back, he was hooked on classic country music. Harmony singing has always been his favorite, and The Fine Country Band features fine harmony singing. Hank’s unique style of singing transports each listener back to a time when honky-tonks were a way of life.

Ella Warde
Curtis Leslie "Poncho Lefty"

Curtis started as a blues and rock guitar player. After years of playing blues clubs and honky tonks all over the world, he has transitioned into being one of the most tasteful country players around.  His big influences the are the greats--Chuck Berry and Chet Atkins. With his signature rockin' high intensity licks, his powerful playing will be sure to leave you on the edge of your chair and bring you to your feet, wanting more.

Meghan Leslie

Ella is one of the finest fiddle players in the country, and audiences love to hear the lonesome sounds from her fiddle that many artists have a hard time achieving. Her musical career began in a band with her father, entertaining the crowd where ever she went. A good ear and quick study, she draws musical inspiration from greats like Curly Ray Cline, Scotty Stoneman and Arthur Smith. There is not doubt about it, Ella has crafted a style uniquely her own. 

Meghan has been playing bass her whole life and it shows in her masterful ensemble work. She is the rock of the rhythm section, and her singing and enthusiasm for slapping the bass are as entertaining as they are essential to the group’s drive and energy. As a youth, she began playing and singing Bluegrass, and has a great command of that genre, yet she remains one of the most sought after bass players in the country, as she easily plays all styles. 

Marty Carpenter

Marty Carpenter is a musician’s musician. A career drummer, he plays in a variety of bands. He masterfully locks into the heart of each song, and his solid precision is part of our central driving force. His Classic Country style of drumming truly helps give this band our old-school signature sound. 

Dave Magram

Dave Magram (pedal steel & banjo) became interested in bluegrass and country music as a teenager in western Pennsylvania: "I was very fortunate to have performed with folks such as Charlie Monroe, Frank Wakefield, The Greenbrier Boys, Jim Lauderdale, John Hartford, David Grisman, and Vassar Clements, and opened for bands such as New Riders of the Purple Sage, Waylon Jennings, Faron Young, Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt, and Reno & Smiley.”


Dave has appeared on recordings and performed at music venues and festivals across the USA. Strange, but true--Dave may be the only musician in the world who has both performed for the Bolshoi Ballet and was once treated to Chinese food by Bill Monroe.


Ella and Meghan make up the "Diamond Sisters", singing songs from Skeeter Davis and other Country music giants. This show-stopping "sister duo" can't be beat when it comes to getting the crowd up, having a good time and moving on the dance floor.  

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