Hank & Ella With The Fine Country Band is excited to announce the upcoming release of their new album!


featuring all-original material, this album takes the listener through a range of feelings, from lonesome honky tonk scenes to feel-good classic country anthems.

new album 

coming soon!!!

Hank & Ella with The fine country band recorded their debut album in 2018 which is now featured on kpig, kkup, kzsc, wdvx, radio bristol, and more!


"I enjoyed this album! The Fine Country Band are the country you need right now. The songs are great, the picking and playing is terrific; they cover all the bases and they dress well too!"

-John Wesley Harding

"Hank's original songs sound as if they were written years ago, and his warm baritone wraps around stories of honky tonk bars and bartenders, roads traveled, and the longing for love."


-Bluegrass Breakdown

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