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Photography by Kevin Painchaud

Hank & Ella
The Fine Country Band

California Country & Honky Tonk 

New EP Dancin' with The Stars


May 14 2022

"Recorded live at Greaseland Records, Hank & Ella's new EP, Dancin' with The Stars is both upbeat and heartfelt"


“The Fine Country Band is

THE country you need right now. The songs are great. The picking and playing is terrific, they cover all the bases and they dress well too!”

-John Wesley Harding

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Original Americana

Hank & Ella with The Fine Country Band -

A husband and wife duo who are well versed in vintage country, traditional Americana and all sorts of variations of roots music, Hank and Ella bring The Fine Country Band along with them for a retro and modern approach to California country music.  Reaching Top 3  on the Roots Music Report in 2021, Hank Warde’s original song, Good at Being Lonely evokes feelings of old honky tonk bars, juke box radios and sawdust dance floors.  At live shows people always leave feeling uplifted by their high energy performances, their great stage presence and the band is known for making a dance party happen wherever they play!  

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